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Jennifer Tuton San Francisco jewelry designer. Handmade jewelry. Semi-precious gem stones. Fine jewelry. Fashion jewelry. Initial Necklaces.


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How to Layer Necklaces 101

Jennifer Tuton


There's a saying "more is more," and yes we think so too.  Why wear one necklace when you can three or four? Same goes for rings and bracelets.  Many of my clients have expressed a common concern, "I don't know how to layer."  Well here are some tricks I've discovered for no-brainier layering:

The "high-low" look.  Try pairing our Gold choker with the Long Gold Slinky necklace.  This combo creates the look that you've wrapped the pieces twice.  The shimmery chain is sexy and will spruce up any outfit. The added bonus is that the long slinky can actually be wrapped twice giving you a triple layer.

Bohemian Layers. For those that enjoy a touch of color and texture, our newest beaded layers are the ticket. Start with a Beaded Bar or Beaded Charms necklace, then add the longer Beaded Chains. Varying lengths of micro faceted and every-so-sparkly gemstones scattered with gold bits (discs or nuggets) - personal favorite is the lapis.  The great thing about a beaded necklace is it also pairs well with plain chains while adding a bit of allure. 

Layered Shorties.  The most popular layering look is when you keep it simple with an assortment of shorter necklaces.  Initial Necklaces are the perfect basic:  add the Multi Color Cz, the Tiny Circle, the possibilities are endless!  Many of our necklaces are on 16-18" extendable chains so when wearing multiples you get to choose how you stagger the lengths.

Start playing with all of these techniques and before you know if you'll be a layering pro!

Tassels, Tassels! Tassels galore!

Jennifer Tuton

We dare you to find a shoe, top, necklace, purse, keychain without the newest fashion obsession on it: Tassels!  Having always loved the elegance and swish of gold chain tassels, we've updated our collection to include silk Tassel Teardrop Earrings in a gaggle of hues.  Bohemian. Chic. Playful. And just plain ole fun!  

ATHLEISURE TREND: Working out with Jewelry

Jennifer Tuton

Fashion rears its head in many arenas.  Not just on the runway, or at bars or restaurants or in the office or at parties; now it's at the gym, the yoga studio, even your Pilates class!  Go figure?!  I have friends and clients that specifically ask me for "workout " jewelry.  Pieces in my line that work brilliantly are my lightweight goldfill or sterling Naked Necklaces: The Simple Circle or Triple Loops Necklace are no-brainers, even my little Pavé Sparkly ones.  Earrings are not to be overlooked either.  I've been caught wearing my easy breezy Threaded Chain Earrings (with gold circle or sparkly crystals) as well as my Chain Post Earrings. They are effortless and chic and never compete with my workout. Who says working out has to be devoid of sexy-n-style?  Add a lil pizazz to your routine! 

Vogue Netherlands | Athliesure Workout Jewelry Inspiration

Vogue Netherlands | Athliesure Workout Jewelry Inspiration