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2431 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA, 94115
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Jennifer Tuton San Francisco jewelry designer. Handmade jewelry. Semi-precious gem stones. Fine jewelry. Fashion jewelry. Initial Necklaces.


How to Layer Necklaces 101

Jennifer Tuton


There's a saying "more is more," and yes we think so too.  Why wear one necklace when you can three or four? Same goes for rings and bracelets.  Many of my clients have expressed a common concern, "I don't know how to layer."  Well here are some tricks I've discovered for no-brainier layering:

The "high-low" look.  Try pairing our Gold choker with the Long Gold Slinky necklace.  This combo creates the look that you've wrapped the pieces twice.  The shimmery chain is sexy and will spruce up any outfit. The added bonus is that the long slinky can actually be wrapped twice giving you a triple layer.

Bohemian Layers. For those that enjoy a touch of color and texture, our newest beaded layers are the ticket. Start with a Beaded Bar or Beaded Charms necklace, then add the longer Beaded Chains. Varying lengths of micro faceted and every-so-sparkly gemstones scattered with gold bits (discs or nuggets) - personal favorite is the lapis.  The great thing about a beaded necklace is it also pairs well with plain chains while adding a bit of allure. 

Layered Shorties.  The most popular layering look is when you keep it simple with an assortment of shorter necklaces.  Initial Necklaces are the perfect basic:  add the Multi Color Cz, the Tiny Circle, the possibilities are endless!  Many of our necklaces are on 16-18" extendable chains so when wearing multiples you get to choose how you stagger the lengths.

Start playing with all of these techniques and before you know if you'll be a layering pro!

Tassels, Tassels! Tassels galore!

Jennifer Tuton

We dare you to find a shoe, top, necklace, purse, keychain without the newest fashion obsession on it: Tassels!  Having always loved the elegance and swish of gold chain tassels, we've updated our collection to include silk Tassel Teardrop Earrings in a gaggle of hues.  Bohemian. Chic. Playful. And just plain ole fun!  

Newest member of the Initial family

Jennifer Tuton

A child is born...well not really...but a new member of our ever-so-popular Initial Necklace Collection has entered the scene. Say hello to our Block Initials. Whimsical and delicate these gold charms have an updated look. Multiples are available too, so you can wear all your loved ones' initials around your neck.  Bonus feature:  Block Initials look amazing when layered with other Initials or worn with other necklaces in general!

The great thing about our Initial collection is (no matter which style you choose) everyone really enjoys the personalization of this piece. It makes a great gift and a special keepsake for all occasions:  the bridesmaid, the grandmother, the push present, the teacher, best friend, client. Everyone is included!

One of our favorites showing us how layering is DONE.

One of our favorites showing us how layering is DONE.

Block Initial Charm Necklace
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We think you should honor whatever you love with our letter ;-)

We think you should honor whatever you love with our letter ;-)

November: Pediatric Cancer - Giving back & Creating Awareness

Jennifer Tuton

A little over a year ago a friend of mine discovered that her three year old Sofia had leukemia. The journey for her and her family has been one of tears, strength, family, optimism, and community. Sofia is one of those special little girls -- and her courage is beyond anything I've seen and encountered.  This month I chose to find a way to contribute to their plight, and my target is to create awareness (as well as monetary donations) to the Team G Childhood Cancer Foundation. Here's her story about how my Initial Necklaces have graced her life...

These Jennifer Tuton Jewelry love letter necklaces tell a story of my adult life. I bought my first “R” when I was just starting my career. I moved to my Diamond “G” when I was single living in SF! After having Sofia I got my “S” and moved to a bar initial “R” to represent my maiden and married name. My most recent bar came just after Michael was born “M&S” for my amazing children! As you can see I LOVE these necklaces and they mean so much to me. My amazing friend @jennifertutonjewelry is donating 20% of all “love letter” necklace sales in November to Team G, for Pediatric Cancer Research. They are a perfect gift for yourself or really anyone who has someone they love.
— Gina Raiola Rodriguez

Sofia on her 4th Birthday!

Sofia on her 4th Birthday!

Things you may not know about me...

Jennifer Tuton

When I was 25 I quit my job.

When I was 25 I started my first business called, "Jenniclips."

I never said “I can’t” or “I don’t have money to start a business.” I just did it.  I’d come across books about business that had harsh points of views about “most small businesses fail in the first 3 years,” and “you have to have a business plan in order to start a business.”  Bah.  I never let that sway me.  I just chose.  And I just started where I was.  I didn’t borrow money -- I just went to the art supplies store and bought little model paints.  I’d mix the colors in combinations I didn’t know was possible.  I painted on those bendy aluminum Goody clips.  The base coats were solid and I’d apply the design using toothpicks: hearts, stars, rainbows, leopard spots, Pucci, stripes, glitter!  Patience came to be my savior - to allow the paint to dry for a bit before diving into the design.

I began cold-calling my way into stores - guess being criticized as pushy lil kid turned out to work in my favor.   I also got a NYC rep, and began my journey of how-many-different-things-can-you-do-to-a-hairclip?  Headbands, ponytail holders, and of course bobby pins. 

What evolved next?  Stay tuned...


The September Issue

Jennifer Tuton

Women wait with baited breath for the ever glossy, ever thick, fashion loaded issue of September's Vogue.  Chock full of lush outfits and "gotta haves" for the Fall season.  Do you need another cashmere sweater?  Really, don't you have a dozen pairs of jeans?  Isn't that bootie only slightly different than the one from last season?  That's not the point!  Especially here in San Francisco where summer (and summer clothes) are somewhat lackluster.  We look forward to Fall and the snuggly layers and chic wraps, scarves, boots and handbags -- oh my!  Jewelry is no exception.  Bring on the gold, the multiple lengths, the hint of color, the splashes of sparkle! Perhaps a Chunky Choker paired with a long Labradorite Pendant will doll up that top.  Or for-go the necklace keep it simple with a stand out earring like my Shimmer Feathers, or Sleek Gold Hoops?  The point is, dress for you, for fun, and the joy of it -- what can you add to your outfit to this season to make you feel like a million bucks?

Understated but Elegant...

Jennifer Tuton

A very dear friend of mine called me this afternoon.  She said she was wearing her new pyrite Beaded Bar Necklace at work and someone commented on it.  They said, "Wow! That's so pretty! You know what I love about Jennifer's pieces?  They're so easy to wear and yet they're still elegant."   And it got me thinking, what if elegance is "the least amount of effort with the greatest impact and ease?"  Many of my designs and creations are borne from the space of what would it "add" to your life, what would be effortless to wear, and what would create the most visual impact with the least amount of fuss?  Too many to mention, but definitely lots to choose from. Have a look a like my site, and maybe ask yourself - "Body, what would you like to wear, and how can that create the impact you'd like to make in the world?"  Just sayin.  

A perfect pair: The Beaded Bar Earring in Pyrite

A perfect pair: The Beaded Bar Earring in Pyrite

"Push presents": A new lingo in Jewelry

Jennifer Tuton

The gift of a new born and the journey every mother-to-be goes through is now being recognized by the world.  Retailers call it a "push" present.  Say what?  Yes - mom's are receiving gratitude by their mates, for carrying their babies (not only verbally, but in a material way).  My Diamond Initial Necklaces have risen to the occasion.  Not only a thoughtful gift, but a keepsake, and a daily reminder of the blessings of a brand new, sweet smelling, angelic new born.  Also are my goldfill and sterling Initial Necklaces, especially for mom's with multiple kids, as they can keep adding initials of their offspring (and a tad more affordable).  Both options are a great daily wear, stylish, and special.  

Looking for multiple initials or something custom? Email me!

One for the guys: Jewelry to make her say YES

Jennifer Tuton

You're in love.  Luckily enough, she loves you back.  You've gone from candle lit dinners, to pizza in front of the TV and Wednesday laundry nights.  You're comfortable in your relationship, but you want her to know you adore her, appreciate her, and think she's amazing.  How about gifting her something she isn't expecting?  My FINE line has just the ticket.  Stunning, one of a kind rings (and earrings), with gemstones and diamonds (without being THE diamond).  Women love REAL jewelry.  And often it's the one thing they won't necessarily purchase for themselves -- because they're waiting for you to do it.  It's not glib, it's delightful.  A woman that receives an 18K gold gemstone piece of jewelry will forever remember the fella who gifted it to her.  And hey, what else is possible then?  

My current obsession....what I'm wearing

Jennifer Tuton

In the warm summer months one doesn't wish to wear much, let alone clunky jewelry.  My recent go-to is the Lacey Y necklace.  It's shimmery, lightweight chain is the perfect wear-with-all.  It seems to spruce up even the most basic tank tops and casual dress ensembles.  Then when I'm looking to "bump it up a notch," I add my newest Beaded Bar Necklace.  Yes, I wear them both together!  Teeny tiny micro faceted gemstones with a sleek curved gold bar. Three or four gem stone hues to choose from (my favorite is the pyrite) -- and looks fantastic on everyone!  It's also in line with the popularity of "chokers" this season, as well as a brilliant layering piece.