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2431 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA, 94115
United States


Jennifer Tuton San Francisco jewelry designer. Handmade jewelry. Semi-precious gem stones. Fine jewelry. Fashion jewelry. Initial Necklaces.

Why the Y Necklace?


Why the Y Necklace?

Jennifer Tuton

One of my personal favorites (oh you'll catch me saying that a lot, well it's true) is my Slinky Y Necklace.  It's the kind of piece that looks great on everyone, and looks great with everything.  It's long and languid, the chain is swishy and has itty bitty gemstones that adorn it.  And I make It in a myriad of colors.  I wear mine from the Pilates mat to jewelry shows.  It seems to elongate the petite, look great on flat or full chested, and it's lightweight and effortless.  Customers comment "oh yes, I didn't realize how good it would look on me."  For me, jewelry is an "add" to my outfit, I don't want it weighing me down or being too loud --  I prefer it to complement and softly whisper to others "doesn't she look good today?"